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Indian Building Congress (IBC) was founded on 1st September 1992, when a Founder’s Meet was organized in New Delhi. About 250 professionals attended this meet. IBC was registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act 1860, in New Delhi, on 29th March 1993.
The IBC has 91 institutional and 3350 individual members at present. The wide spectrum of membership gives it a unique place in the entire construction industry.
Head Quarters

Indian Buildings Congress has its headquarters in New Delhi and its office is located at Kama Koti Marg in Sector-VI, R.K. Puram, New Delhi - 110022

Local Chapters
Indian Buildings Congress encourages the opening of Local Centres in different towns or cities to promote professional acumen and mutual professional contacts amongst the members of each Centre. Local Centres are already functioning in Raipur, Agartala, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ranchi, Jaipur, Aizawal, Patna, and Chandigarh
Chief Patron & Patrons
Shri Kamal Nath, Hon’ble Union Minister for Urban Development is the Chief Patron and Dr. Sudhir Krishna (IAS) Secretary Urban Development is the Patron.
The affairs of IBC are managed by a Governing Council having representative of several Central Ministries, Government Departments, Research Organizations, Professional Bodies, National Housing Bank, LIC, GIC,Educational Institutions, State Governments, Zila Parishads, Rural / Urban Development Departments, Municipal Bodies, Builders Associations and elected member of Indian Building Congress. This makes the IBC Governing Council a broad based body and unique in its character, capable and bound to represent the views of both Government and private bodies in the country. The day-to-day affairs are managed by an Executive Committee which is elected by the Governing Council.
Professional Activities:
1. Technical Committee
IBC has set up a number of Technical Committees to deal with different aspects of Built Environment and Construction Industry and to make recommendations on related subjects. IBC also undertakes compilation of Handbooks and Manuals on different subjects of National Importance.
2. Conferences & Seminars held so far
The First Congress was organized at New Delhi on Oct. 5-6, 1994 with a Seminar on the theme “Buildings in National Development”. Since then Twenty more Seminars, or Annual Conventions along with Seminars on various subjects at Delhi & Eighteen mid-term Seminars outside Delhi have been held. All the Seminars had topical Themes.
3. IBC Journal
Indian Buildings Congress publishers two volume of IBC Journal in a year which are supplied to members free of charge.
4. IBC News
Indian Buildings Congress brings out a quarterly News Magazine called “IBC News”. Members of Indian Buildings Congress can send their views and articles of common interest on subject connected with built environment for publishing in this magazine. IBC News is also on website.
5. IBC Samachar

Indian Buildings Congress also publishes a Monthly News Letter called “IBC Samachar” which is sent to all the members free of charge

6. IBC Awards
Indian Buildings Congress has instituted the following awards.
(i) Awards for best papers presented during IBC Seminars, 3 Medals and 2 Commendation Certificates are awarded to papers selected out of entries received for each seminar organized by IBC. Awards for best papers presented by young professionals and lady professionals are also given exclusively.
(ii) Awards for excellence in Built Environment. One award for each of the following categories:
  • Housing Complexes
  • Individual Residential Units
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Recreational Schemes
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Industrial Structures
  • Rehabilitation/Retrofitting of Buildings and Buildings in Disaster prone areas
  • Innovation in Designs, Materials and Technologies for Buildings & Services
Each award carries a Trophy and a citation. In addition, commendation
certificates are given to entries which merit recognition.

Awards are presented on the occasion of Annual Conventions.

Guidelines for centres of IBC
Proforma for Compliance Report to be submitted by local /State centre
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    The First Congress was organized at New Delhi on Oct. 5-6, 1994 with a Seminar on the theme “Buildings in National Development”.

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